Registration and Badge

Need to revoke you to from the old company and add you to the new company. 

Actually if you just want to attend our fair, bringing your old badge and overseas passport is ok.

on Sunday April 15 by
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Lost badge, the only thing can do and need to do is go to the registration office personally,  200RMB have to pay to get a new one.


on Monday April 16 by
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Purchase IC is call "badge"



on Thursday August 30 by
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ecause your email
​ ​
cannot receive the canton fair email. 
nd you will get lots of email in the future.
So please try another email with a different domain 
contact your email provider
or contact
on Sunday September 09 by
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Cannot, you need to delete the old registration by the administrator

on Monday September 10 by
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Badge after 2008 have not expire date, all valid.

on Thursday September 13 by
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Yes. Can apply for a badge. Just bring your passport to the registration office.


on Friday April 13 by
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You can just use your old badge and enter, do not need to do anything.
on Thursday August 02 by
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