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The 122nd Canton Fair 2017 Autumn Guangzhou


The 121st Canton Fair reviews


“So far the best fair”

I registered to visit 2016 October Canton fair which focused on products for import and export. The venue was so big that it took me hours to explore their product display from one corner to the other. This is a fair that interested people must visit who want to import goods from China. It gave me opportunity to meet with the producers face to face and exchange business cards. I am considering visiting again this year.


“Best Fair I have visited”

Well catered and professional. You can find anything and everything but it will take you more than 1 day to do so, for sure. Make sure you have good walking shoes with you, a trolley to carry your folders around and enough drinking water. There is a metro station nearby which is very crowded but very inexpensive and really easy to use. You do not need a translator, almost everyone in there talks english, so do not waste your money on the offers in the entrance. if you want to save some money and weight while traveling just bring a pdf file with your business card on it and print them there. I paid 70 yuan for 500 cards full color both sides printed and a glossy finishing for my logo.


“The best fair ”

I been in many exhibitions in the world and belive this is the best one in terms of it's size and it's huge facilities. I highly recommend this place to visit.


“10 times visited and I am here again!”

I visit Canton Fair since 10 years. It is the most important fair exhibition China's and one of the most important in the world.

Very big, many different items, you will need good shoes and a good and quite hotel.

Don't forget to take a trolley bag with you and to have some food and a bottle of water with you.


“Brings a new meaning to the word big”

This fair is massive, after 3 solid days walking we still did not do justice to all the stalls at the fair.

Everywhere is orderly and very clean, we felt very safe with security everywhere which was not oppressive. One slight word of warning the toilets in the main were the eastern type, whilst clean they are awkward to westerners. There did appear to be a scattering of the sit down ones but you had to search for these.

First visit to this exhibition, it will not be the last. must be seen to be believed.


“Great place to do business”

As I always if you want to find something to begin or keep doing business, this is the place to go, you wont regret it, been here 6 times now



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