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The 122nd Canton Fair 2017 Autumn Guangzhou


Words of advice and notice

  • Canton Fair is China's largest trade fair and attended by over 160,000 people from 160 countries. Hotel occupancy is extremely high and most hotels are OVER booked. Under this situation, hotel insists on reservation by credit card guarantee or prepayment from guests - and guest paying in advance will be guaranteed a room. We advise you not to wait until last minute to make payment (please understand the situation).
  • Inform us of changes as soon as possible. We understand that guest may cancel, extend, shorten or change your stay. Do inform us to avoid penalty imposed by hotel.
  • Do not double book with more than 1 agent - this will lead to confusion at hotel. Hotel may ignore double booking and guest ended up paying counter rates.
  • Book hotel using guest's passport names and check in using the same passport name. If hotel cannot locate guest's name in their computer system, you will be charged counter rates.
  • Ask for address of hotel in chinese - this will be provided in our confirmation email to you but ask for it if we miss out. This is important as most taxi drivers do not speak english.
  • Be careful of unauthorised "agents" at the airport - these poachers would solicit passengers on pretext of cheaper accommodation for same hotel - only to send guests to different hotel. Pls note prevalence of this practice during the Guangzhou Trade Fair period - you will be at their mercy - beware of poachers around airport and railway station.
  • Do not send money until you receive a call or email from us that your rooms are booked.
  • One night penalty will be charged for no show during canton fair.

Welcome Contact

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  • Served more than 80,000 canton fair guest in the past 12 year